The morning approach to the walled citadel and port town of Calvi was clear and calm with a cloudless blue sky and Sea Cloud dropped anchor during breakfast. Certified Photo instructor Guilia started our day’s program with a short presentation on “Travel Photography – Compelling Compositions” to further refine our personal photographic skills. Afterward, the ship’s Zodiacs quickly transferred our groups to the pier of this colorful (and very French) little port. Our memorable Corsican guides, Aida and Tebu, took us slowly up to the citadel where Christopher Columbus is said to have been born. After wandering the narrow alleyways, ramparts, and small square of the upper town, we descended into the town area around the waterfront, visiting the baroque cathedral and the small market to view handcrafted Corsican specialties. Guests then had time to explore on their own, perhaps to sit in a café with a view of the harbor to enjoy a gelato or cappuccino.

Around noon, our Zodiacs returned us to the ship where Sea Cloud Beach Club was open and ready! The sea was chilly even if the sun was warm, and perhaps 12 of the guests took the invigorating plunge-and-paddle-about. Today, the lunch buffet featured a hamburger station, a very popular entrée with Lindblad / National Geographic travelers.

After lunch, the captain sent sailors to the rigging to put up several sails, and we slowly and smoothly proceeded towards the northern tip of Cap Corse. The Sea Cloud boutique opened this afternoon for eager shipboard shoppers and Dr. Tom Heffernan gave a much-appreciated talk on “Conscience or Death: A Roman Woman Defies the State.” After this, the ship offered a special afternoon tea with a crepe station and chocolate ice cream.

The cocktail hour on deck was well attended and lively with 180-degree views of the northern coast of Corsica and mountains, some still capped with snow. Dinner ended with a beautiful sunset over the Western Mediterranean.