After spending the night at the port of Genoa, we took a short and very scenic bus ride along the mountainous coastline to visit the town of Camogli. Along the way our expert local guide, Alexandra, (who lives in Camogli) explained everything about this area of Italy and particularly about the fishing and seafaring history of Camogli.

Upon our arrival we walked the charming narrow streets, along the fishing port, and through the colorfully painted pastel buildings. We visited the Maritime Museum and the beautiful twelfth century Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta.

During our visit to Camogli, we all had the opportunity to try some of its famous freshly baked focaccia di recco col formaggio, part of the rich culinary tradition of the Ligurian coast.

As we sailed out of the port of Genoa, we were treated to a presentation by our National Geographic expert, Massimo Bassano, entitled “National Geographic Discovers Columbus”.