I looked outside at the massive tabular icebergs and spotted hundreds of Antarctic petrels resting on top of one. A mass of them rose up and flew by. It was quite a spectacle, given that the winds were strong this morning, and the chill was bringing temperatures well below freezing.

After several attempts to come alongside the fast ice, we opted to ferry guests onto the frozen sea ice with Zodiacs. Some guests chose to cross-country ski while others opted for a blustery stroll over the challenging terrain. There were a few emperor penguins, and many Amelies transited past in some sort of hurry. I am not sure where they were going to or coming from, but they seemed intent. Neither species seemed too bothered by us being there. It was a truly Antarctic summer day, with loose snow whipping around us.

Later in the afternoon the conditions deteriorated, and so we opted to hear lectures and enjoy some warm tea. In the evening there was a wedding and celebration for Sasha and Jeff. We wish them the best!