We began the morning by comparing whale flukes on Happywhale, picking our favourite photographs for the guest slideshow, and identifying all the birds that have followed us for the last ten days on National Geographic Explorer. Michael Jackson, our beloved Expedition Leader, took to the PA for a final time to tell us all about the history of Cape Horn as we sailed by. We all got a chance to see the lighthouse.

We sailed back through the Beagle Channel towards Ushuaia – the world’s most southernmost city. We feel a new sense of responsibility to be Antarctic Ambassadors after our awe-inspiring experience. In between spotting various birds and cetaceans, we spent time learning about Antarctic scavenging birds from Zoey Greenberg, whale research in Antarctica from Eva Prendergast and Andy Read, our special guest speaker, and filming extremophiles for the BBC from Justin Hofman.

After a standing ovation for our wonderful crew during the Captain’s Farewell, we reflected on the new friendships formed, memories made, and knowledge gained during this unforgettably unique journey to Antarctica.