Today we awoke to a classic summer morning under a blanket of hazy fog. Luckily, the sun kindly burnt off the fog shortly after breakfast. We excitedly rode the Zodiacs to shore to explore an amazing stretch of old growth forest along the Cascade Creek Falls trail. A large group eagerly accompanied photo instructor Shayne Sanders to explore the flora, fauna, and fungi, allowing guests to practice their newly acquired camera skills. The other group decided to charge ahead and attempt to make it to Cascade Creek Lake, falling short only because of the many photo opportunities along the way. The view of the waterfall was delightfully brief, as the mist from the falls provided an unexpected face spray, causing laughter and a quick ascent to the bridge above.

After lunch, we ventured through Frederick Sound in search of humpback whales. To our surprise, we were greeted not only by 15-20 humpback whales, but also by handfuls of playful Dall’s porpoises and sea lions that enjoyed frolicking around and under National Geographic Sea Lion. We all watched in amazement as these beautiful creatures jumped, dove, and played for hours in the afternoon sun.

To celebrate the wonderful morning and beautiful afternoon, we enjoyed a special dessert and local spirits on the sundeck. It was definitely a day that will not be forgotten.