This week I had the extraordinary opportunity to visit the Upper Amazon in Peru. I have been dreaming of coming here for many years. I am a fifteen-year-old high school student who loves nature, animals, and science. I liked the overall experience, because it is a truly wild and unpredictable location, where every day you see and learn something new.

All the people working on the ship, crew, and staff, were absolutely amazing, from the hotel manager and naturalists to waiters, skiff drivers, and the engine’s technicians. Everyone did a remarkable job in their roles to ensure the operation ran smoothly; they are also kind-hearted and friendly human beings. The food on board was wonderful, the meals were filling and delicious. I got to try new local food and flavors, like Amazon fish and fruits, making it an unforgettable experience.

The Amazon people in the communities we visited are hard-working and generous. They constantly make efforts to improve the well-being of their villages.

The night sky, sunrises, and sunsets were astonishing especially because where I live, in Quito, Ecuador, and like in any other big city, there is a lot of air and light pollution so you don’t often get to see these marvelous sightings… and not to mention that in Quito there are mountains too so it is even harder.

I learned that my dad's job, expedition leader, is more difficult than one might think. It is also very tiring and demanding, but overall well worth it for all the wonderful places he visits and all the knowledge, pictures, and passion he shares. I felt so fortunate to join this expedition with my father, learning and enjoying so much!