Early this morning we had a pre-breakfast outing to explore a narrow creek known as Pahuachiro Caño. By 6:00 a.m., we were out looking for rainforest creatures; we found many birds including tanagers, egrets, hawks, woodpeckers, kingfishers, and more. After breakfast, we got equipped with rubber boots and went for a walk in an area known as Casual. With the company of our natural history staff and three local native scouts from a nearby community, we explored a “terra firma” rainforest trail. We observed several rainforest creatures, including a couple of frog species and some tarantulas.

In the early afternoon, a quick rain shower reminded us that we are visiting one of the wettest ecosystems on our planet. When the rain stopped, we started the afternoon activities by kayaking around Nauta Caño. After that, we went on a skiff ride along the stream. The sunset scenery was spectacular! We saw silhouettes of rainforest creatures on top of the canopy as they prepared to rest, while a myriad of bats, frogs, and insects were just emerging. It was a magical finale, with a spectacular fiery sunset, for an unforgettable day of exploration of the Upper Amazon of Peru.