This morning, most of our guests walked in a tropical rainforest for their first time. Once inside they became part of an intricate and wonderful maze of vegetation, critters, and sounds. Humidity and heat were high today, the latter providing ideal conditions for a profusion of tropical plants. We were also surrounded by an incredible biodiversity that ranged from tiny creatures to large vertebrates.

Equipped with rubber boots and accompanied by three local scouts, we explored the rainforest trail at a location known as Casual. We observed several rainforest creatures including a couple of frog and lizard species and tarantulas as well. At the end of the walk, we spotted a beautiful red-tailed boa.

In the early afternoon, we had a torrential rain, one of the strongest in the last weeks. Despite of the heavy rain, a group of adventurers went swimming at the entrance of Yanayacu River. They had the time of their lives! Later, with less rain, it was earlier to explore the river by skiffs. Feeling the rain made us realize its importance in the rainforest ecosystems we are visiting in our expedition.