After traveling the river and its tributaries for a week, we finally made it back to the larger villages located along the river. Our first outing was a skiff ride in a very narrow channel that recently received just the right amount of rain to allow our entry. We got close enough to the vegetation that we could see the smallest microhabitats of the floating vegetation. After breakfast, we visited Casual Forest and took a long and very exciting walk. We found all the highlights we were expecting to see, from the very hairy and mysterious tarantula to the silent and wise anaconda. We walked the forest for about two hours and had amazing encounters with the forest’s top land predators. We also encountered a boa constrictor on a tree. It was close to eye level, and we had an amazing photography session.

In the afternoon, we visited the Amazonas Community, where we had the opportunity to learn more about the life of people in the Amazon and the projects in place to support education, health, and culture. Our journey ended with clear skies and a beautiful sunset.