The day started with some very precise timing as we navigated the narrow channels of White Canal. We needed to go through at slack tide, so a Zodiac was deployed to scout ahead and determine exactly when that would be. The Captain did a great job maneuvering the ship in the windy conditions. Quite a number of Andean condors were also making the most of the wind, circling above us in the thermals.

In true expedition style, given how windy it was, we changed from a Zodiac cruise out in White Canal to a glorious landing in a small inlet off the main channel. We explored the long beach area and got introduced to the Patagonian bubble bee, which the locals call the ‘flying mouse,’ given its size.

The weather closed in a little as we transited to Bernal Glacier, but that didn’t matter as the majority of people were glued to the TVs in the ice lounge where the World Cup final between Argentina and France was being shown. It was amazing the IT group managed to get the signal given we are deep in the Chilean Fjords!

After lunch we got the opportunity to hike to Bernal Glacier, seeing the transition from the forest of the terminal moraine to the milky pool full of glacial till right next to the glacier. It’s not often you can get this close to a glacier face safely.

After dinner, I gave a presentation on how to make the most of the camera capabilities of mobile phones, and even the diehard phone experts learned something new.