We started our morning with the stunning landscape of a very small island named Chinese Hat. Our guests signed up for various activities. Some of us went kayaking and observed lots of baby sea lions playing in the water while they practiced their swimming skills. We were delighted! Other guests decided to enjoy a more relaxed start to their day. They participated in a stretching session on the tiny but beautiful beach. The rest of our guests went on a photo walk. Finally, everyone was ready for another delicious breakfast. Afterwards, we boarded the Zodiac to explore the area and search for Galapagos penguins, a unique species only found in a few places in this magnificent archipelago. Galapagos penguins are the only penguins to live and breed north of the equator.

For our afternoon adventure, we explored a very young lava field where we observed many geologic features, including little ovens, lava toes, lava ropes, and a few pioneer plants, including Mollugo and lava cactus. These plants only grow in this dry terrain, which makes them impressive! We finished our day with a delicious barbecue dinner. While navigating to our next destination, we crossed the equator. What a wonderful day!