Today was our first full day in the Amazon region, and we explored a large, beautiful lake in the early morning. One of our first sightings was of an osprey fishing. We saw it fly with the fresh fish in its claws, offering a demonstration of its skillful flight. We entered the narrow tributaries of the area and had the opportunity to see pink river dolphins and grey river dolphins fishing at the convergence of brown and black water. The community established here has houses that are adapted for the rising level of the river. We could see the markings of the water level on the trees all along the riverside. We had an amazing encounter with the pygmy marmoset, one of the smallest monkey species in the world. These creatures are very shy and fast. We enjoyed seeing them jump from tree to tree and look at us through the vegetation.

In the afternoon, we explored Supay Creek. We entered an area with very tall trees, where we found many hawk species. We explored the creek all the way to where the water level allowed us. We spotted a three-toed sloth feeding on cecropia plants while a praying mantis took a ride on our skiffs after it jumped in from a nearby branch.