Our day began with a lovely sunrise. A small pod of gray dolphins and pink dolphins was the early morning attraction for our guests. The dolphins were hunting for their meal and that offered a great photo opportunity.

After breakfast, we explored an oxbow lake called Clavero. Our naturalist explained to our guests all the sustainable practices that are done by the inhabitants of the area. We had the opportunity to talk to several fishermen and learn about their lifestyle and how they support their families with this activity.

In the afternoon, we explored Supay Creek. This is a tributary of the Ucayali River. Here the wildlife sightings were awesome. Flocks of herons and egrets were seen along the creek. They were taking advantage of the fish that were trapped in small ponds now that the water was beginning to drop.

The highlight of the day was the sighting of the smallest primate of the Upper Amazon, the pygmy marmoset! It was a great way to finish another day exploring the Upper Amazon.