Today was our last day in South Georgia. The weather was overcast with a little rain, but the potential to see four penguin species in a single Zodiac cruise encouraged most guests to join the staff for a slightly chilly and damp tour. The fog lifted to reveal some of the peaks around Cooper Bay, and the rain stopped long enough for cameras to come out and capture the impressive bird and seal life in the bay. We enjoyed our first sighting of chinstrap penguins, likely our last sighting of king and macaroni penguins, and a few gentoo penguins, which we will continue to see as we travel farther south.

Heading around the corner to Drygalski Fjord, icebergs started to dominate the scenery. At points, it seemed like we were winding our way amongst them. Lunch was served with 360° views of nature’s ice sculptures. Unfortunately, the winds were not in our favor. Bergs were being blown into the fjord that would potentially block our exit if we continued our venture. We said farewell to the magical isle of South Georgia and started our voyage towards South Orkney. The icebergs have stuck with us, with a behemoth tablet berg taking over the starboard horizon throughout dinner. Forty miles of iceberg takes a while to pass!