Every expedition has a day that is particularly memorable, the kind of day that fills the senses, exceeds expectations, and leaves a mark that will remain with you forever. This week on National Geographic Resolution, one might argue that we had more than one day like that. But today was our final day on the Antarctic Peninsula, and surely, we will all remember this day as the crescendo of the week, a final exclamation mark on a string of amazing days. Antarctica turned the volume up to eleven today, ensuring that we left here breathless, speechless, and overwhelmed by sensory overload.

The morning was spent on Damoy Point, where the gentoo penguins welcomed us to watch them tend to chicks and their nests. In the distance, mountains of snow contrasted against a bright blue sky, and we found that our parkas were perhaps too warm for this summer day. As we left Damoy Point, our expedition leader made a last-minute change to the plan: we sailed just a mile away to Borgen Bay. Here, the kayaks and Zodiacs were launched for an afternoon of exploring ice, scenery, and wildlife under the watchful eye of Mount Francais, the tallest peak on the peninsula.