Today, National Geographic Sea Bird navigated to the magnificent Dawes Glacier. The morning mist shrouded our journey, lending a mystical aura to the fjords. As we approached the glacier, its towering ice walls and brilliant blue crevasses came into view. The sound of ice calving—a thunderous crack followed by a splash—reminded us of the glacier's dynamic nature.

After marveling at the glacier, we continued cruising, keeping an eye out for wildlife. Our patience paid off when we spotted a black bear strolling along the shoreline. Unlike their brown cousins, black bears possess a certain elegance in their movements, highlighting their adaptability to this rugged landscape.

The day’s highlight was a pod of humpback whales. Their massive bodies broke the water’s surface gracefully, and their spectacular breaches left us in awe. Witnessing these leviathans, with their enormous flukes and powerful presence, stirred a deep sense of wonder.

Today was a day of breathtaking contrasts and unparalleled beauty. From the icy expanse of Dawes Glacier to the lively black bear and the majestic humpback whales, the Alaskan wilderness showcased its splendor, leaving us profoundly grateful for the experience.