During a day at sea on board National Geographic Explorer, there is never a dull moment. A riveting presentation by Eve, our resident whale expert, was complimented this evening by the sighting of a mass pod of short-finned pilot whales. Expedition Leader Lisle Gwynn, who has managed our expedition with a masterful blend of dynamic planning, cool demeanor, and quiet British humor, gave us a run down on what to expect on shore tomorrow. Down below, Ross and Eva sorted through and catalogued some of the on board displays, while up on the top deck, Ming and JR from the mechanical team carried out the endless routine maintenance that keeps our ship safe and sound.

An impromptu midafternoon “beer and barbeque” on the aft deck was enjoyed by staff and guests alike, while guests on the bridge kept watch for any further pilot whales as the sun set over the ever-changing seas.