Participants in our onboard education program for travelers under 18, National Geographic Expeditions Adventurers, contributed text, photos, and captions for today’s report.


Quote of the day: “There’s so much curiosity.” - Luke Bookout, National Geographic Expeditions Adventurer participant

Today we ventured to Djupavik, an old herring settlement in Westfjords, Iceland. The crystal blue water, clear skies, cascading waterfalls, and stunning mountains that greeted us created a surreal landscape to enjoy our day. After a relaxing morning on the ship, we headed out to take advantage of the sunshine and to set off on a hike to the top of Djupavikurfoss. The hike was gorgeous as we climbed towards the top, with breathtaking views around every bend.

The day concluded with a rite of passage as we crossed the Arctic Circle.

Text co-authored by Emily Roberts, National Geographic Expeditions Adventurer participant