What a way to begin our time in South Georgia! The morning greeted us with sunshine and stunning views of the mountaintops, and we had rainbows galore. A light-mantled albatross flew around the rainbow. With everyone on deck, National Geographic Resolution made her way into Drygalski Fjord, the southernmost part of the island. We were treated to gloriously sun dappled mountain peaks towering over a thousand meters tall and hanging glaciers to the starboard of us. South Georgia shags flew overhead, and huge rafts of kelp floated to the port of us. We were utterly surrounded by beauty and graced with such amazing weather. With the expertise of the bridge team, we sailed all into the fjord to see the Risting Glacier before an amazing pivot back toward our afternoon destination.

After lunch, we got to experience Cooper Bay in absolutely breathtaking conditions. With only a little swell, no wind and loads of sunshine, our Zodiac cruises were impeccable. We got good looks at four penguin species, including two new ones. Both king and macaroni penguins did not disappoint. Our old familiar friends, the gentoos and chinstraps, were charming as well. We had our first looks at the South Georgia pipit and the South Georgia pintail. Southern bull kelp mesmerized all of us, flowing back and forth along the rock’s edge. Fur seal pups gave us a taste of more fun to come.

After an amazing first day in South Georgia, we settled into our routine of drinks and recap. However, the weather and the views were too good, so our fearless expedition leader cancelled recap halfway through. We gathered on deck to salute the day and take in the wild bounty of the coastal waters of South Georgia. We had the good fortune of spotting a handful of fin and humpback whales, not to mention huge flocks of Antarctic prions flying all around the ship. It was an incredible first day in this awe-inspiring place. We are so lucky. What a time to be alive!