Just before breakfast, we arrived at Dundas Harbour on the south coast of Devon Island. The guides spotted a polar bear on the other side of the hill. Thankfully, it was sound asleep and distant enough to enable us a short but interesting landing on this sunny yet windy morning. Natasha Slobodina showed us the ruins of huts built of rock and sod that were used by Thule Inuit, the direct ancestors of today’s Inuit, some time after 1200 AD.

During the afternoon, we sailed south to explore the area of Baffin Island and spent the rest of the day at sea. Geologist Mike Jackson gave a talk on the geology of Greenland and Canada, and Natasha Slobodina offered a guided tour of the art displayed aboard National Geographic Endurance. The galley team invited us for hotdogs and a beer tasting before treating us to yet another amazing dinner.