Today National Geographic Sea Bird and its crew came out swinging, kicking off our expedition by cruising into Endicott Arm. After breakfast, we launched our Zodiac fleet and set out for the Dawes Glacier face. As we weaved in and out of brash ice, nosed into waterfalls, and sailed deep into the Endicott Arm, we finally arrived at the brilliant blue sapphire face of the glacier. We inched closer and closer, eyes glued to the mile-wide frozen river, when suddenly, a massive serac calved off the face in what felt like slow motion. A thunderous clap rang out as the falling crystals broke and hit the water below. It was an emotional rush for all, and a treat to experience such a mighty force of nature. As we wrapped up our Zodiac tours and began cruising back towards Holcomb Bay, we soon met a humpbacked friend as well as a few Steller sea lions. We even got a wonderful view of Sum Dum Glacier as we cruised by. The day concluded with feelings of wonder and gratitude from today’s excursions and spirits are full of anticipation for what tomorrow holds.