This morning we anchored in a depth of about 240 feet within Dawes Cove, a small inlet off Endicott Arm. The weather was overcast and cool, but no rain was seen during the early morning stretch class with our wellness specialist. After a hearty breakfast, several guests opted for kayaking in Dawes Cove. It was a peaceful paddle exploring multiple waterfalls along the steep glacially-carved cliff faces that rise more than 2,500 feet above the sea. After kayaking, the energy on National Geographic Sea Bird became raucous, as the crowd cheered on the thirty Polar Plungers who took the leap into 41-degree waters! It was a fantastic time for all.

During lunch, we pulled anchor and continued our exploration of Endicott Arm. In the afternoon we neared the face of the majestic Dawes Glacier; it was a stunning location for some Zodiac cruising to experience its immensity and activity. Skies were overcast, and briefly opened to some light rain — but we could not have anticipated the double rainbow that we watched from across the fjord. At the glacier, with the ice face reaching 300 feet above the sea, we witnessed calving, shooters, and an iceberg that rolled and broke into many bergy bits. The day was packed with activities and was truly memorable for all.