We began our first full day aboard National Geographic Venture by sailing through beautiful Holkham Bay into Endicott Arm. This narrow fjord southeast of Juneau is marked by cascading waterfalls and breathtaking indicators of glaciation and ecological succession. The icebergs, bergy bits, and turquoise, glacial silt-fed waters of the fjord sparkled in the unexpectedly bright sun as we spent our morning navigating towards Dawes Glacier. We received basic mandatory training on hiking in bear country and safely loading Zodiacs and kayaks, and we were introduced to our Expedition Team. We spent the rest of our morning and early afternoon in Zodiacs, exploring the fjord and the towering, active Dawes Glacier! Throughout the journey, we spied curious harbour seals, watched glaucous-winged gulls forage, heard the rumbling of calving ice off the tidewater glacier, and found our Zodiacs boarded by benevolent Vikings! Guests warmed up after their time on the water with hot cocoa and a hearty lunch of chili. We spent late afternoon preparing for a day in Petersburg tomorrow, and we learned new photography skills from our certified photo instructor. After a lively cocktail hour, recap, and dinner, we ended our night by watching Petersburg: The Town that Fish Built in preparation for an exciting and packed day in Petersburg.