Today we visited the home of the waved albatross, the only species of albatross that nests in the Galapagos Islands. Every time we visit this island is special. It is always wonderful to observe the interactions and behaviors of this majestic bird. However, today was extra special as we got to share the island with Carl Safina, famous ecologist and author of many books about wildlife. In fact, he’s one of my favorite writers. Carl stayed on Española Island for a week to study the waved albatross while he was writing his book, The Eye of the Albatross. This time, he came back to the Galapagos to share his knowledge and wisdom about how animals think and feel, a subject many people never thought possible that has now been scientifically proven.

In the morning, we explored Gardner Bay, a beautiful white sand beach that is home to Galapagos sea lions. We also had an introduction to the underwater world of the Galapagos. In the afternoon, we visited Punta Suarez, a nesting site for waved albatrosses. Galapagos is truly a special place where the wildlife is unafraid of humans, teaching us all that it is possible to coexist.