This morning, National Geographic Islander II anchored at Gardner Bay. We had a nice and early start with some kayaking activities along the coastal cliffs. Meanwhile, some of our guests joined us for stretching on the beautiful white sand beach. After breakfast, we had an amazing time snorkeling with Galapagos sea lions and black turtles at Gardner Islet.

After snorkeling, we returned to the ship to get our cameras and headed back to the beach for time with the sea lions, mockingbirds, and finches.

After an interesting talk on Charles Darwin and the Galapagos, we enjoyed a Zodiac exploration of the coastline of Suarez Point. We observed the unique waved albatrosses that overfly this island, which is the only one where they reproduce. Back on board, our captain spotted a humpback whale and her calf. They breached and tail-lobbed the surface of the sea, giving us a great show.

We could not have asked for a better way to finish our day on the oldest island of the Galapagos!