National Geographic Venture spent a wonderful morning at Hanus Bay. The weather was sunny and warm, a much-welcomed surprise that we have been gifted for most of the voyage. The morning began with hikes ashore on Baranof Island. The maintained trail system allowed for a variety of hiking expeditions to embark in the Tongass National Forest. Those keen for an aerobic hike ventured out first to reach Lake Eva, approximately four miles roundtrip. Those who opted for a more moderate pace enjoyed views of the fast-flowing Eva River and tidal lagoon. The lagoon is an Alaska Marine Park, and it serves as a transitional lagoon for anadromous fish preparing to leave the freshwater of the lake to enter the saltwater of the inland waterways that eventually lead to the ocean.

Due to the new moon, we are experiencing large tidal swings, which always offer amazing beachcombing in the intertidal zone. We spotted sculpin fry swimming in the shallows and hermit crabs searching for new shells.

Once back on board, it was time to get ready for the Alaskan cold-water plunge! We had a great turnout for this splash off the fantail. Due to the sunshine and warm weather, many participants dove in multiple times as the conditions were just so lovely.

As this is our final day of the voyage, many fun activities took place on the ship. We had a watercolor painting class in the lounge. Melted glacier ice collected from glacier growlers was used to paint favorite wildlife photos taken along the way. The Global Explorers completed their Zodiac training and were sworn in as stewards of nature for the future of our planet.

We enjoyed a final evening with the group slideshow where we reminisced about our wonderful week together.