Dramatic clouds full of moisture loomed over the sea ahead of us. Despite the ominous look of the dark, grey sky, gentle rays of sunlight danced between the clouds for a long while before breakfast. Once we were all satiated, Expedition Leader Peter made an announcement that excited the lot of us. It seemed that our morning would entail a rather adventurous Zodiac cruise. Our ships rarely come to the waters of Puerto Profundo, and we enjoyed a truly exceptional experience amongst the small islands on our port side. Zodiacs launched from National Geographic Resolution and took to the narrow pathways between islands for an intimate look at the rugged coastline. Steamer ducks, imperial cormorants, and austral thrushes were in abundance; a few of our Zodiacs even saw a group of the elusive Chilean dolphin.

Our Bridge and Expedition Teams had their hearts set on providing an afternoon landfall. This proved to be tricky due to the extreme weather patterns in southern Chile and Patagonia. Still, the expertise and willpower of those involved allowed us to find an uncharted location near our morning excursion. We are quite confident that no one has ever landed where we did. The hike was pleasant, as our naturalist bushwhacked ahead of us to create some semblance of a trail. Breathtaking scenery was everywhere the eye could see. Tall grasses, muddy muck, and stones the size of baseballs dotted our horizon. Today was a true expedition day–and a remarkable one at that.