We awoke on the western side of the Galapagos Archipelago. In the morning we spotted striped dolphins, a family hunting right at the side of our vessel.

We disembarked on Fernandina Island and took a marvelous hike where one can easily imagine how life started on earth. The barren lava rocks are home now to Galapagos marine iguanas, pioneer plants, Galapagos lava lizards, and Galapagos sea lions.

We jumped into our next excursion, snorkeling along the rocky shore of Fernandina which was exhilarating! We encountered iguanas feeding underwater, Pacific green sea turtles, and many colorful and silvery fish.

The afternoon brought us to Volcano Ecuador located on the northern part of Isabela Island where we had fun exploring. It was a great day enjoying wildlife at its best and celebrating crossing the equator.