Fiji has an interesting and complex geological history. It’s based on a submerged platform of ancient formation. The Fiji Islands are largely a result of volcanic action, sedimentary deposits, and lovely formations of coral.

This morning, we had the opportunity to explore two more islands of Fiji, Vurulevu and Yabu. Right before breakfast, we loaded the Zodiacs and cruised around the small island of Yabu. This pest-free island is home to red-footed boobies, wedge-tailed shearwaters, lesser frigatebirds, and brown boobies.

Vurulevu Island had a lovely sand beach for the beach toys. Kayaks and standup paddleboards were available for guests who wanted to explore our surroundings. Some guests decided to snorkel from shore while others just enjoyed relaxing. It was a great morning of exploration.

After lunch, we had another opportunity to keep exploring the underwater world. Our favorite highlight was the opportunity to snorkel while manta rays swam curiously beside our guests. We had great sightings of the giant oceanic manta ray as well as the reef manta ray.

Back on board, we all concluded that it had been a great day and a life-changing experience!