Early in the morning our hikers got up with the rising sun, in one of the most graceful places on Floreana Island, Punta Cormorant. This place is not named because there are cormorants there, but rather in honor of a vessel that sank near the area. Right before midday we snorkeled around Champion Islet, an eroded parasite cone with a depth that reaches more than 150 feet just a few meters away from the coast. Sergeant majors, two kinds of damselfishes, king angels, razor-blade surgeons, blue-chin parrotfish, pyramid sea stars, baby sea lions, a sea turtle and a few white tipped reef sharks welcomed us in the refreshing water. The lunch was delicioso! We closed out the day visiting Post Office Bay and the barrel there to deliver some cards and pick up a few. We also had the opportunity to kayak and paddleboard around the shorelines before enjoying Sebastian’s talk about sea turtles.