Today our expedition started with a kayaking exploration of Post Office Bay, a unique location known for its historic post barrel, where mariners left letters for others to carry to their destination. Here, our guests took part in the remarkable exchange of correspondence, a testament to the enduring spirit of human connection across the vast expanse of the ocean.

For the second part of the morning, we embarked on a snorkeling excursion at Champion Islet, a site teeming with marine life unparalleled in its diversity and splendor. As our guest submerged into the turquoise waters, they were captivated by a colorful array of fish, corals, and rocky reefs. Among them, the brilliant parrotfish and graceful sea turtles captivated everybody’s attention.

Our day culminated with a trek through the rugged terrain of Punta Cormorant, where among the volcanic landscape and lush vegetation we photographed a Galapagos sea lion posing for us.