Today we woke up in the western realm, surrounded by volcanoes and iguanas that resemble dragons. We started the morning by exploring Fernandina with a hike around Punta Suarez. This is one of the best spots to encounter the only seafaring lizard in the world, the marine iguana.

As we walked along the trails, we saw marine iguanas basking on the sand and black lava rocks after feeding on algae in the ocean. We observed sea lion pups with their mothers. It was truly a special morning, and the magic continued in the ocean during our snorkel. We swam with penguins, green sea turtles, playful sea lions, flightless cormorants, and many fish.

The day continued at the base of Ecuador Volcano on Isabela Island. We enjoyed a Zodiac ride along the coast where we spotted Mola mola, green sea turtles, and more playful sea lions. We ended the day with a wine tasting to celebrate our crossing of the equatorial line. Some of our naturalists transformed into pirates as we crossed the line! Thankfully, they turned back into harmless naturalists after we crossed! It was a beautiful and very Galapagueño day in the Enchanted Islands!