Beautiful Floreana Island is located in the south of the archipelago. Many books have been written about the island’s rich human history which includes a series of mysterious events involving murder, death, and desolation.

In the 1800s, pirates and whalers used the island for its fresh water and tortoises, which were a food source. The island is inhabited by about 150 residents today. Three years before naturalist Charles Darwin’s visit, Ecuador annexed the Galapagos Islands in 1832.

Early in the morning, we enjoyed kayaking and paddleboarding as we observed the wonders of the bay, including the landscape and wildlife. We made a brief stop at the post office barrel to drop off and pick up correspondence, just like whalers did starting in 1793. Mail is left in the barrel for hand-delivery by future visitors. We explored the island’s underwater world at Champion Islet. To finish the day, we went for an invigorating hike at Cormorant Point where we practiced photographing wildlife and the landscape.