For the entire day, National Geographic Islander II anchored near the coast of the amazing Floreana Island.

As soon as the sun rose, we went for an amazing kayaking exploration along the coast of Post Office Bay. We found playful Galapagos sea lions beside our kayaks, and Pacific green sea turtles. Afterward, we visited the most important historic site of the archipelago, Post Office Bay, the first post office of Ecuador, where pirates and sailors left letters for others to deliver back home. It’s a fun tradition that our guests participated in, leaving their letters and delivering others.

Snorkeling was waiting for us at Champion Islet, with fantastic schools of colorful fish, and again, awesome sea lions swimming with us.

In the afternoon, we had a wet landing on a green sandy beach at Punta Cormorant. We went for a leisurely walk and encountered Galapagos flamingos, giving us a great opportunity to photograph these brightly colored, beautiful birds.