Today we visited Floreana Island located in the southeast region of the archipelago. This island was first colonized for its freshwater sources. We started with a visit to the very famous Post Office Bay. Guests enjoyed participating in the tradition of sending postcards through this old system that once connected whalers across the world who came to this island for supplies. We also had the chance to explore the mangrove ecosystem and the rocky shores via Zodiacs. This is where sea lions establish colonies and hang out with colorful marine iguanas, which at this time of the year are bright red.

Later in the day we went snorkeling with sea lions and colorful tropical fish in the shallow waters around Champion Island.

In the afternoon we visited Cormorant Point, an area where sea turtles were found nesting, blue-footed boobies were fishing, and flamingos were displaying in front of our cameras. It was an amazing day.