This morning, we boarded skiffs soon after dawn and motored off into dense fog! Every day something different awaits us. We saw and photographed a good number of colorful birds, and we spied a large green iguana perched on a horizontal branch. After breakfast, we hiked on the Casual Community trails. With help from our naturalists and an additional local man, we slipped along in the mud as we investigated palm trees, liana vines, and a huge strangler fig. We found several reptiles and amphibians. As always, we took many photos.

Happily, it only rained today during our lunch and siesta time while we were all dry and comfortable on Delfin II. The afternoon was hot and sunny as we crossed the river to the Amazonas Community. The villagers were delighted to welcome us. We are the first group to visit them in two years, since the pandemic began.