Another sunny day in Southern Patagonia, how lucky are we! In the morning we cruised close to Garibaldi glacier to get spectacular views of its icy blue wall before retreating back to a safe distance for kayaking amidst the bergs. Condors soared overheard and flightless steamer ducks paddled along with us as we explored this pristine fjord.

After lunch we landed on a long cobblestone beach strewn with clam and mussel shells, known as Caleta Olla. A short hike across the bay and we traversed up into the peat bog, which was crisscrossed with beaver activity and bursting with flowers. Some truly ambitious hikers continued up a ridge line and summited the nearby mountain for the extensive views of glaciers, channels, and our ship in the distance. It was our last day in Patagonia, and the heat and sunshine will forever taint our view on what usually is an unforgiving landscape of extreme wind and rain. We only hope our luck hasn’t all been used up and that our travels tomorrow through the Drake Passage will be smooth sailing, fingers crossed.