When Sea Cloud II enters the port of Genoa, everyone turns to admire it. Our superb vessel entered the port of La Superba, which has been an active port since the Maritime Republics.

We strolled along Via Garibaldi which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. On both sides of the street beautiful buildings face each other, vestiges of a time gone by, a history of glory and riches when wealthy families wanted to display their success to the people and which leaves us, today's visitors, in awe. The buildings are adorned with sculptures, decorations, trompe-l'œil paintings, and frescoes. “The way of posting one's social status.” – explains our guide – “We could call it the social media of the past. The public story of one’s family".

We finished the day with the most classic of Genoese treats, the famous focaccia, in different versions and flavors. Focaccia in Genoa is history, not just gastronomy, and it is superb.