After sailing nearly 400 nm north, Sea Cloud II entered the old harbor of Genova. Genova dominated the maritime trade within the west Mediterranean in the late Middle Ages and vied with Venice for supremacy for control further east. Her nickname, La Superba, is well deserved, as the palaces, cathedrals, and city gates of the old town are truly a sight to behold.

We began with a stroll down Via Garibaldi, a neighborhood along a wide street purpose-built for wealthy merchant families to access their mansions via horse and carriage. The decorative frescoes and stuccos reference all kinds of ancient and medieval motifs.

Next, we headed to the Piazza Ferrari where we sampled traditional Genoese cuisine with local focaccias, pesto, and wines within the subterranean cistern of the Doge’s Palace. Just down the street is the Duomo of San Lorenzo, with an ornate reliquary which houses the remains of Saint John the Baptist.

After some free time to stroll the old narrow streets, we headed back to the ship. This evening we had a special guest, the Ecuadorian consul to Italy, and a special event, an incredible piano concert from our Sea Cloud II pianist Nicolae Petrovici.