This morning we awoke to a new and stunning destination. We were surrounded by icebergs and towering mountains on all sides. While most of us marveled at the landscape from the warm comforts of the ship’s many panoramic windows while sipping coffee, undersea specialists Nick and David had already departed to dive into subzero waters to explore and video the whaler shipwreck, Governoren. Once back aboard, we began the day’s transition through the Bransfield Strait with the goal of reaching Deception Island by midafternoon. Along the way we enjoyed phenomenal presentations from Michael George, on-board National Geographic expert, and Captain Martin about the extraordinary features that make National Geographic Resolution one of the best expedition ships in the world. The shore landing on this volcanically formed island offered us a snapshot into the region’s whaling history while also providing great wildlife observations, including gentoo and chinstrap penguins plus a resting leopard seal.