Our day aboard National Geographic Quest started with touching footfall on Glacier Bay National Park. Hikes were led around Bartlett Cove, and some guests visited the lodge to pick up souvenirs from this iconic park. Throughout the day our Global Explorers became Junior Park Rangers by completing a workbook and searching for wildlife. They also created a glacier out of ice cream, with toppings and blue dye to illustrate what they expected Johns Hopkins tidewater glacier to look like. We stopped at South Marble Island to check out tufted puffins, otters, and Steller sea lions, and searched along many other wildlife “hot spots.”

After cruising around Glacier Bay and spotting magnificent wildlife, the day seemed like it was at a close. And yet, Southeast Alaska was not done showing us everything it had to offer. As we finished dinner just north of Gloomy Knob, we came upon a wolf and bear interacting with each other. It appeared that the wolf was trying to antagonize the bear and move the bear away from a specific area, potentially because of the wolf’s pups. We may never know the true reason behind the interaction, but it was definitely an amazing sight to see.