There are truly no words for the wonder that is Glacier Bay National Park. Our ship visited Margerie Glacier, which rises 200 feet above the water's surface and stretches for 21 miles. National Geographic Quest was surrounded by chunks of ice in the water well before we reached the glacier, but this ice became larger and more frequent as we neared. Suddenly, the water turned a shocking blue and up ahead rose Margerie Glacier and if that wasn’t amazing enough, it started to calve! Giant blocks of ice many feet high fell one by one into the water. The immense power and beauty of nature was on full display this morning.

With Ranger Hailey joining us for the day, the sun coming out just as we went through Russell Cut and saw a coastal brown bear, and the joy of the stellar sea lions and puffins surrounding South Marble Island, the afternoon was just as full of nature as the morning.