There was a special offering amongst the excursions this morning: the Captain’s Hike. Thirty intrepid adventurers took up the challenge and headed ashore to brave their way between fur seal pups to reach a rocky valley. From there, it was a rocky and tussocky scramble up the hillside with several false summits before the true goal was achieved: 360-degree views of the wondrous scenery that South Georgia has to offer. National Geographic Resolution was visible in the bay below. Fog rolled over the ridge to her stern, and snow-capped mountains dwarfed our vantage point.

With all back on board for lunch, the ship swiftly repositioned to Hercules Bay for the afternoon’s activities. The weather in Hercules wasn’t quite as welcoming as the morning had been, but the promise of macaroni penguins enticed most on board to cruise the bay in Zodiacs. The macaronis did not disappoint. Several sported new plumages whilst others cowered towards the back, enduring their catastrophic moult. Most on board checked the South Georgia pipit off their birding list today, sure to be the envy of many when they return home.