Overnight we transited to the edge of the Arctic Circle, anchoring near the small island of Grimsey. The northern-most settlement in Iceland and spanning only two square miles, Grimsey is also a birders’ paradise. We spent the morning hiking the scenic, grassy footpaths that hugged the coast and took time to photograph wandering sheep and diving Arctic terns as we made our way to the cliffs. Here we had the opportunity to observe and photograph thousands of nesting sea birds, from Northern fulmars to Common murres, and even Atlantic puffins perched outside their burrows!

Grimsey is also famous for being the only place in Iceland that lies within the Arctic Circle, and the ever-moving line is marked by a concrete sphere art installation called the “Orbis et Globus”. The installation is moved each year according to the gravitational shifting of the Circle, so we took opportunities for photos at the marker. We were grateful for such a sunny, beautiful day to explore this remote and peaceful place.