The day started before we even made it to bed last night, as there was an announcement that the northern lights were dancing behind our ship. Everyone came outside to watch as the aurora danced over the horizon. The northern lights are such a special experience, and it was magical to watch them all bundled up.

We then woke to a beautiful and sunny day on board National Geographic Explorer as we sailed into Gros Morne National Park. We hopped onto Zodiacs and headed to shore to begin our excursions. A few people took an adventurous hike up to Lookout Hill while the rest of the group went on the Journey to the Center of the Earth. The hikers were treated to an amazing hike with a stunning view of the tablelands, Gros Morne Mountain, and the ship below. We hiked through tundra along a boardwalk with tons of birds flying all around.

After lunch, we went to a small aquarium to take a look at the underwater world of Newfoundland and then boarded buses to check out some amazing geologic formations and to visit Lobster Head Lighthouse. We came back to the ship for an incredible dinner. This was truly a day that will not soon be forgotten.