Today we awoke at our anchorage in Haines, Alaska. The area around Haines was called Dtehshuh, or “end-of-the-trail” by the Chilkat group of the Tlingit. It received this name because they could portage their canoes via the trail they used to trade with the interior. The trail began at the outlet of the Chilkat River, ended at Dtehuhu, and saved 20 miles of paddling around the Chilkat Peninsula. Many different excursions were available today, including hiking, river rafting, biking, and fly fishing. If you desired, you could also explore the quaint fishing town and, if one was so inclined, visit the local brewery and distillery. There are many historical buildings and totem poles scattered around the town. The weather was dry and even sunny at times but, interestingly, it rained for about an hour in the middle of the day. Southeast Alaska always keeps us on our toes. We wrapped up the day with an amazing crab feast! It was a delicious end to a magical day.