We were graced by a smooth transit from the Falkland Islands to South Georgia, a much-awaited location for many of us on our long transit across the Atlantic. As we cruised into South Georgia this morning, we looked through the fog and clouds to see the glaciers and peaks that adorn this magnificent location. On our morning Zodiac cruises through Hercules Bay, it was impossible not to comment on how ‘dramatic’ the protected bay felt. Large sedimentary rock faces decorated with the colors of lichens, moss, and tussac were juxtaposed against the giant kelp beds that line the shore. The colors distracted us from the drizzle and winds.

In the afternoon, we headed ashore to Salisbury Plain, the location of the second largest king penguin colony in South Georgia. We took a nice hike across the beach and the grasslands to the colony. There were noises coming from every direction. Through the winds that barreled down nearby Grace Glacier, we heard the humming calls of the king penguins. Antarctic fur seal pups called noisily, howling and crying until they wore themselves out and took a necessary nap in the soft grass. South Georgia surely lived up to its reputation today!