We woke this morning to calm waters as we entered Holkham Bay, with the grey and overcast skies that are characteristic of Alaska right now. We soon found a small cove to explore by kayak. We paddled by several cascading waterfalls and small meadows carpeted with sedges as curious harbor seals popped out of the water to observe us.

After lunch, we had a unique opportunity to get a bit closer to some ice. We took a Zodiac tour through an ice field up to Dawes Glacier. We observed extraordinary views of rushing waterfalls and crashing chunks of calving ice from the glacier. Terns and kittiwakes soared overhead, and we observed indescribable shades of blue, aqua, and sapphire in the icebergs all around us. Our Zodiacs were visited by our one-of-a-kind Cocoa Boat, which brought us beverages to keep our hands and spirits warm!