The entrance to Draper Girls Farm is through the farmstand, where apples, pears, and plums fill cardboard bins displayed on tiered wooden shelves, angled for perfect viewing, and atop wooden barrels around the open-air room.

From the farmstand, guests can proceed out the opposite door. A small stand of giant Douglas firs and ponderosa pines in the middle of the property houses a wood plank rope swing. The trees provide shade for guests to relax while they sip their cider or eat fresh apples.

Beyond the trees, a garden of every color stands in the foreground with Mt. Hood, enshrouded in clouds, on the horizon. To the left of the garden, goats with mesmerizing marble eyes beg to be fed or stand just out of reach of would-be petters on the other side of a three-foot fence.

Back inside, the farmstand opens to an olde time store, where hard ciders are being tapped––red, then yellow, then brown, one clear, the next opaque…all delicious!