We woke up to a wintry Arctic landscape surrounded by snow-covered mountains and blue glaciers. Low-hanging clouds masked the tips of the mountains from our view, leaving us to wonder at the height of these peaks. The air was crisp and fresh. Despite the chill, we were ready to head out.

Our morning started with a landing in Gnållodden, a spectacular place surrounded by steep cliffs that are full of wildlife. These cliffs are nesting spots for large numbers of black-legged kittiwakes and guillemots. We soon realised why this place is called Gnållodden, as the calls of kittiwakes followed us throughout the morning. Gnåll means whining or gossip, and odden means point. We learned about the life of Wanny Wolstad, the first female trapper in Svalbard, and got to peak into one of the small cabins that trappers once used. We admired the birdlife and ice-covered beaches during our hikes.

After lunch, we headed out once more, this time on Zodiacs and kayaks to enjoy views of the surrounding glaciers in Burgerbukta.

Some brave guests also joined in a Polar Plunge, jumping into the icy Arctic water for a refreshing dip. We finished off the day with a lovely Philippine buffet dinner.